Support Unit Staff

The NDC Partnership is co-chaired by the governments of Rwanda and the United Kingdom, and guided by a Steering Committee comprised of developed and developing nations and international institutions. Its work is facilitated by a Support Unit based at World Resources Institute in Washington DC and the UNFCCC Secretariat and UNOPS in Bonn, Germany.

Pablo Vieira
Pablo VieiraGlobal Director
Amanda McKee
Amanda McKeeKnowledge and Learning Director
Mariana Panuncio-Feldman
Mariana Panuncio-FeldmanCountry Engagement Director
Romeo Bertolini
Romeo BertoliniDeputy Director, Head of Bonn Office
Tori Okner
Tori OknerDeputy Director, Outreach and Governance
Whitney Pierson
Whitney PiersonDeputy Director, Operations and Finance
Estefania Ardila
Estefania ArdilaDeputy Director of Country Engagement
Adrián Flores
Adrián FloresClimate Finance Associate
Alan Vogelfanger
Alan VogelfangerContent Development Consultant
Alexandre Grassigny
Alexandre GrassignyGovernance Manager
Alice Bonétat
Alice BonétatCountry Engagement Junior Consultant
Amanda Smith
Amanda SmithProject Coordinator, Knowledge & Learning
Amine Ammor
Amine Ammor Country Engagement Specialist
Caity Pinkard
Caity Pinkard Communications Manager
Carla Carpio
Carla Carpio Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Christine Luttmer
Christine LuttmerProject Specialist, Country Engagement
Clarissa Lehne
Clarissa LehneCountry Engagement Specialist
Cyusa Rwamucyo
Cyusa RwamucyoMonitoring and Evaluation Analyst
David Levy
David LevyCountry Engagement Finance Specialist
Denis Kireche
Denis KirecheCountry Engagement Specialist
Deo Gabinete
Deo GabineteRegional Manager Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe
Félix Torres
Félix TorresSystems and Learning Support Consultant
Fernando Méndez
Fernando MéndezCountry Engagement Specialist
Gabriela Rangel
Gabriela RangelCAEP Systems Consultant
Gabriel Malunga
Gabriel MalungaRegional Program Officer for Anglophone Africa
Gloria Namazzi
Gloria NamazziCountry Engagement Specialist
Gerwin De Roy
Gerwin De RoyEvents Manager
Guly Sabahi
Guly SabahiSenior Advisor, Climate Finance
Hannah Girardeau
Hannah GirardeauGender and Youth Associate
Hellen Nassuna
Hellen Nassuna Online Partnership Plan Tool Consultant
Imane Chafiq
Imane ChafiqCountry Engagement Specialist
Irene Mwaura
Irene MwauraCountry Engagement Specialist
Ivana Valdez
Ivana Valdez Regional Program Officer, for Latin America and the Caribbean
Jamie Bindon
Jamie BindonEnhancement Knowledge Specialist
Jeniffer Hanna-Collado
Jeniffer Hanna-ColladoRegional Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean
Joanna Lee
Joanna LeeCountry Engagement Program Coordinator
Joaquim L Ribeiro Ferreira Leite
Joaquim L Ribeiro Ferreira LeiteSenior Country Engagement and Finance Specialist
Jorge Sanz Fernández
Jorge Sanz FernándezSystems Management Consultant
Julianne Baker-Gallegos
Julianne Baker-GallegosCountry Engagement Specialist
Kiyomi de Zoysa
Kiyomi de ZoysaCommunications Coordinator
Libby Gladding
Libby GladdingOperations Manager, Technical Assistance Fund
Margaret Barihaihi
Margaret BarihaihiRegional Manager, Anglophone Africa
Martín Freire
Martín FreireVisual Media Coordinator
Melissa Capcha
Melissa CapchaCountry Engagement Specialist
Mike Sullivan
Mike SullivanCountry Knowledge Associate
Mohamed Boussaid
Mohamed Boussaid Regional Manager, Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA
Molly McGregor
Molly McGregorKn­­­­­­owledge Tools and Research Associate
Mónica Echegoyen
Mónica EchegoyenSenior Country Engagement Specialist
Mya Nwe
Mya NweDevelopment Manager
Namitha Vivek
Namitha VivekCountry Engagement Project Coordinator
Nathan Mesnildrey
Nathan Mesnildrey Country Engagement Specialist
Nicolás Cisneros
Nicolás CisnerosSenior Country Engagement Specialist
Priveena Sri
Priveena SriProgram Coordinator, Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP)
Putera Zenata
Putera ZenataRegional Program Officer, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe
Quentin Dean
Quentin DeanExecutive Assistant, NDC Partnership
Rizki El Masleh
Rizki El MaslehProgramme Management Analyst
Samson Asfaw Tilahun
Samson Asfaw TilahunProgramme Management Specialist
Sara Wolf
Sara WolfClimate Database Management Associate
Syeda Hadika Jamshaid
Syeda Hadika JamshaidCountry Engagement Specialist
Victoria Ramirez
Victoria RamirezProject Management Associate
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