Japan Fund for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JFJCM)

The JFJCM seeks to increase the sustainability of ADB-financed and administered projects through the use of advanced low carbon technologies. The use of grants under the JFJCM will demonstrate the effectiveness of the JCM and provide a source of additional funding to eligible ADB developing member countries (DMCs). The JFJCM will also offer the opportunity for recipients to engage in projects with strong development characteristics and long-term climate-change mitigation benefits. The Japan Fund for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JFJCM) is a single-donor trust fund established in 2014 and managed by ADB. The fund aims to provide financial incentives for the adoption of advanced low carbon technologies in ADB-financed and administered sovereign and non-sovereign projects. The JFJCM will provide grants and technical assistance to ADB projects utilizing the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM).

Support provider 
Purpose of support 
Project and program implementation
Information on how to...

Contact the ADB for more information.

Please note, funding is only available to pre-selected countries. See the eligible countries field for more information.

Climate objective 
Sectors and themes 
Agriculture, Cities, Energy efficiency, Forestry and Land-Use, Industry and Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Transport, Waste Management
Type of support provider 
Type of recipient 
Public entity at the national level
Fund size 

The Government of Japan supports this fund. As of May 2021, Japan’s cumulative contribution to the fund since its inception in June 2014 amounted to ¥9.8 billion ($88.46 million equivalent).

Co-financing required 
Trustee or administrator 
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Contact information 

Ryuzo Sugimoto, JFJCM Fund Manager, jfjcm@adb.org

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