Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP)

Through the Climate Action Enhancement Package (abbreviated CAEP, pronounced "cap") the NDC Partnership is delivering targeted, fast-track support to countries to enhance the quality, increase the ambition, and implement nationally determined contributions (or NDCs), as part of the 2020 update process. 

Under the Paris Agreement, countries revise their NDCs every five years to cut greenhouse gas emissions to limit Earth's temperature rise and implement solutions to adapt to the effects of climate change. The updating of NDCs presents countries with significant opportunities to align their climate and development agendas to promote sustainable growth, but also presents challenges in reinventing policies and operations and mobilizing enough investment. 

Launched in September 2019, through the technical and financial support of 46 partners, the NDC Partnership is supporting 67 countries to submit enhanced NDCs and fast-track their implementation.

Key Information 
What CAEP Delivers
CAEP catalyzes transformational change towards resilient, sustainable, and low-emission development, supporting the objectives of the Paris Agreement for member countries of the NDC Partnership.
Countries Receiving Support
CAEP assists developing member countries to enhance NDCs and fast-track their implementation, including by providing in-country technical expertise and capacity building.
Partners Providing Support
Through CAEP, 46 partners are providing technical and financial support to countries, using a combination of their own resources and funding from the Technical Assistance Fund (TAF).
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