Visioning to Implementation: National Transport Decarbonization Policies that Match Climate Targets

Case Summary: 

This report analyzes how each country’s governance structure and policy planning and development may support or hinder transport decarbonization. Detailed analysis of the three countries’ experiences and stakeholder interviews identified the following insights about the impacts of long-term target setting, the barriers to transport decarbonization, and the enabling conditions needed to decarbonize the transport sector enough to reach NDC targets.

The authors analyze three country cases in China, India, and Vietnam, and present the following key findings for transport decarbonization:

  • Net zero targets provide positive impetus
  • Ambitious government leadership is necessary
  • The concept of a just, equitable transition was rarely articulated during the interviews
  • Questions and barriers around new technologies need to be further addressed
  • Financing is critical
  • Freight transport is receiving growing attention
  • One barrier to progress is that the energy and transport sectors are continuing to work in silos
India, China, Vietnam
Action Area 
Planning and Implementation Activity 
Developing and Implementing Policies and Measures, Financing Implementation, Governance and Stakeholder Engagement, Reviewing and Enhancing Ambition
Sectors and Themes 
World Resources Institute (WRI)
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