Strengthening Climate-Resilient Agriculture in the Dominican Republic

Case Summary: 

SRI is an agroecological and climate-smart production strategy based on four key principles: early and healthy plant establishment; minimizing competition between plants; building fertile soils rich in organic matter; and the careful management of water, to avoid both flooding and water stress, and increasing soil aeration. Through this strategy, SRI modifies the management of plants, soil, water and nutrients, thus enhancing resource use efficiency and the productivity of a system while reducing vulnerability to climate change. It is a flexible, knowledge-intensive strategy implemented through practices that are contextualized in response to the needs, priorities and skills of each producer. The contribution to NDC implementation is improved capability to adapt appropriately to climate change and variability in the rice production subsector (Colombia); reduced emissions from rice cultivation through changes in production technology (Dominican Republic).

Action Area 
Planning and Implementation Activity 
Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
Sectors and Themes 
​TEC, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
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