Near Zero Waste in Turkey: Moving Toward a Circular Economy by Monetizing Waste

Case Summary: 

To encourage circular economy practices in Turkish industry that would minimize industrial waste, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) launched the Near Zero Waste (NØW) program in 2015 with three interlinked components: 1) selected subprojects supported by concessional financing from the Climate Investment Funds’ (CIF) Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and technical assessments to help companies adopt new waste minimization techniques and technologies, 2) policy dialogue to strengthen legislative and regulatory frameworks around waste minimization, and 3) knowledge sharing activities to encourage implementation of best practices. By reducing first-mover risks and showcasing successful demonstration projects, the program aimed to inspire wide replication of successful approaches that would reduce GHG emissions.

Europe and Central Asia
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Financing Implementation, Developing and Implementing Policies and Measures
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Climate Investment Funds (CIF)
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