An Inter-sectoral Approach to Jordan’s INDC Process

Case Summary: 

The preparation of Jordan’s INDC began in January 2015 and the INDC was submitted in September 2015.

Jordan’s INDC preparation process built on existing processes, national policies, institutions and streamlining the flow of information. A four-step approach, which included a series of workshops and ministerial engagements, was initiated and led to the cooperation of all relevant line ministries, each of them responsible for the contribution of their respective sectors. In addition, exchange programmes with other countries working on INDC preparation were organised. These exchange programmes facilitated experience sharing and technical capacity building.

The preparation process showed commitment from a broad range of institutions and stakeholders, and leadership at the highest political levels: the decision-making process through the inter-ministerial coordination, the involvement of cross-sector non-government stakeholders and the commitment and leadership of the Ministry of Environment are perceived to be an innovative progress in domestic policy-making, and further strengthened dialogue and policy formulation in Jordan as a whole.

Middle East and North Africa
Action Area 
Planning and Implementation Activity 
Developing Strategies and Plans, Developing and Implementing Policies and Measures, Nationally Determined Contributions
Sectors and Themes 
Agriculture, Transport
Barriers overcome 
Capacity, Information, Institutional
Global Good Practice Analysis (GIZ UNDP)
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