Developing an INDC Aligning National and Sectoral Policy Objectives

Case Summary: 

The development of Morocco’s INDC was based on a comprehensive technical and political process involving key stakeholders in the country. The INDC builds on the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (NSSD) as well as several other national and sectoral strategies, including the Moroccan Solar Plan, the National Energy Strategy, the National Strategy to Combat Global Warming, and the Green Morocco Investment Plan. As such, it is well integrated into national policy planning and processes and reflects the country’s long term development objectives.

The INDC process was conducted in parallel with the preparation of the Third National Communication (TNC), and benefited from the detailed analyses conducted under this process. The analysis to inform the design of the INDC was thorough, engaged participation and input from all relevant ministries, and wasvalid ated by their sectorial experts. This resulted in a high level of acceptance and confidence amongst stakeholders and high level decision makers. In turn, high level political leadership, culminating in a national INDC conference chaired by the Head of Government, successfully drove the inter-ministerial development of the INDC and allowed Morocco to submit its INDC in early June as the first Arab and second African country to do so.

The thorough and inclusive INDC preparation process translated into a well-presented INDC, including transparent explanations of the targets and underlying activities, as well as information on the resource and implementation provisions.

Middle East and North Africa
Action Area 
Planning and Implementation Activity 
Developing Strategies and Plans, Nationally Determined Contributions
Sectors and Themes 
Agriculture, Transport
Barriers overcome 
Capacity, Institutional, Political, Socio-cultural
Global Good Practice Analysis (GIZ UNDP)
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