The City and Climate Change: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices for Climate Change Management and Adaptation in Greater Tegucigalpa and Surrounding Municipalities

Case Summary: 

This case study considers how the government can implement a holistic approach to climate communication and education (CCE) to impact how Tegucigalpa’s citizens, across all walks of life and demographic categories, know, feel, and act about climate change.

Using a survey, interviews, and focus groups collected from people who represented the city’s age, gender, and location mix, the research developed an overview of citizens’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to climate change adaptation. The research findings help illustrate the relationship between public opinions and beliefs around climate change, formal and informal education around the subject, and the impact of high-level stakeholders.

The case study found that there has been minimal mainstreaming of CCE in Tegucigalpa.

Action Area 
Planning and Implementation Activity 
Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
Sectors and Themes 
Barriers overcome 
Information, Socio-cultural
MECCE (Monitoring and Evaluation Climate Communication and Education Project), Honduran Association of Developing Communities (AHCODESS)
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