Building Local Scientific Capacities For the NAP Process in Senegal

Case Summary: 

The implementation of National Adaptation Plans (NAP) can be effectively used for building and strengthening local technical and scientific capacities, as has been proven by Senegal. Through a science-based support project for Senegal’s National Adaptation Plan processes (PAS-PNA), the NAP process shall be based on a sound scientific information basis by strengthening the exchange between science and policy. More specifically, the PAS-PNA aims to: i) identify the current state of climate change issues considered in national policies as well as existing national and sectoral strategies; (ii) analyze approaches for the development of scientifically based climate information; and iii) help integrating this information into Senegal‘s political programming. Activities involve stock-taking of the current state of knowledge, organizational and strategic advice, technical trainings, and scientific analyses (such as vulnerability and impact analyses).

The approach constitutes a good practice because it is based on a strong stakeholder engagementprocess, it is innovative in terms its goal, and it includes safeguards to make sure the considerations of vulnerable communities are taken into account.

Sub-Saharan Africa
Action Area 
Barriers overcome 
Capacity, Information
Global Good Practice Analysis (GIZ UNDP)
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