Adapting to Floods and Droughts in India through the Water Storage Technology Bhungroo

Case Summary: 

Bhungroo is a storm water management technology that utilizes detailed geophysical and geological analysis and data simulation for filtering, injecting and storing excess storm water in pipes within subsoil layers. The technology works on the principles of aquifer storage and recovery, managed aquifer recharge and recovery, and vertical drainage. Using a surface space of only one to two square metres, each Bhungroo can conserve one to four million litres of water each year within its subsurface zone. Seventeen different technical designs of the technology have been created and operationalized for women smallholders in different agroclimatic zones across India, as well as in Bangladesh, Ghana and Viet Nam. India's contribution to NDC implementation is better adapting to climate change through enhanced investments in sectors vulnerable to climate change, including agriculture, water and disaster management; creating additional carbon sinks; and addressing the challenges of poverty eradication, food security and nutrition, gender equality and the empowerment of women, and water and sanitation.

Action Area 
Planning and Implementation Activity 
Financing Implementation, Nationally Determined Contributions
Sectors and Themes 
Agriculture, Water, Gender
TEC, Naireeta Services Private Ltd.
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