Additional Data Sources

This page provides links to several climate data sources and data tools managed by the NDC Partnership’s members and other leading institutions. The list below includes data sources on NDC and climate specific, climate finance, climate policy, and other relevant environmental and development indicators.

NDC and Climate Specific Sources

  • NDC Explorer [German Development Institute (DIE)]: Analyzes and compares countries’ NDCs.

  • Climate Action Tracker's Data Portal [Climate Action Tracker]: Provides country emission graphs across countries and sectors.

  • NDC-SDG Connections [German Development Institute (DIE), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)]: Analyses and compares NDCs with each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Gender Climate Tracker [WEDO]: Provides information, data, and resources to track progress on gender integration into climate policy.

Climate Finance Sources

Climate Policy Sources 

  • Climate Change Laws of the World [LSE Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment]: Covers national-level climate change legislation and policies globally. The database covers climate and climate-related laws, as well as laws and policies promoting low carbon transitions, which reflects the relevance of climate policy in areas including energy, transport, land use, and climate resilience.

  • Policies Database [International Energy Agency (IEA)]: A portal to various databases containing policies and measures about climate change and energy.

  • Carbon Pricing Dashboard [World Bank]: An interactive online platform that provides information on carbon pricing initiatives around the world.

Other Data Sources 

  • Environment Live [UN Environment]: Provides open access to data and knowledge on the environment at the global, regional and national levels.

  • World Resources Institute Data [World Resources Institute (WRI)]: A searchable set of 124 downloadable datasets based on WRI research.

  • World Bank Open Data [World Bank]: Centralized and searchable hub for all open access World Bank data. Data includes climate change, development, and environmental indicators, which help to inform NDC planning.

  • Global Energy Data [International Energy Agency (IEA)]: Energy statistics and data across a wide range of indicators, such as CO2 emissions, natural gas, and electricity.

  • Resource Watch [World Resources Institute (WRI)]: Searchable sets of on cities, climate, energy, food, forests, ocean, society, and water.

  • IRENA Data [International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)]: Provides graphs and other resources on various renewable energy topics.

  • WHO Global Ambient Air Quality Database [World Health Organization (WHO)]: Database of ambient air quality by country and city.

  • ENERGYDATA.INFO [World Bank, ESMAP]: Open data platform providing access to datasets and data analytics that are relevant to the energy sector.

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